“ Reflecting the Egyptian spirit is the most important thing in my work.Our heritage is significant to the world so we need to be the first ones to showcase its beauty ” Sami Amin

Sami Amin is a self-taught designer and the founder of Sami Amin brand, one of the most prestigious authentic brands in town. His brand has been the strongest player in the Egyptian leather design market ever since its launch in 1997. Having been graduated from the faculty of fine arts helped him capitalize on his talent. His appreciation for arts was the catalyst for a strong designing career to last and his passion for crafting and drawing is so evident in each piece he decides to create.

Sami Amin collections are a blend of being elegant, ethnic and trendy. Being inspired by the Egyptian culture makes his products noticeable, mesmerizes the eyes of whoever sees it, and captures the heart of those who own it. Every collection holds a special story and every piece reflects the beauty around us intricately. He managed to impose brass as an inevitable component of every design and translate normal everyday life ethnic items into charming pieces of art.

Starting every collection is a journey rather than a process; his profound love for Egyptian culture and nature plays a pivotal role in being his main source of inspiration. He utilizes various cultural elements in his work which later translate into trend setter designs. His exceptional designs, unique choice of colors and high quality materials, coupled with his affinity to design are the reason behind the brand’s outstanding appeal.

His collections range includes bags, wallets, accessories, belts, shoes, and even furniture items. His favorite materials are real leather, brass, cottons and silver. His love for raw objects is evident even in the way the products are being displayed in his galleries. The designs, the logo, the galleries all induces an appreciation of raw materials reflecting a unique spirit that only Sami Amin brand owns.




The brand name logo holds the designer’s name in both Arabic and English within an irregular outer frame. Scripted in Thuloth “an old form of Arabic writing commonly found in old mosques & churches” to reflect the unique nature and the art crafted in every piece.

In order to protect our design, production and copy rights, Sami Amin had designed and registered his trademark logo, which each and every piece has on it, either stamped on leather or engraved in brass. The brand name comes also with two years warrantee against manufacture defects, and, it guarantees that the piece you own is an original Sami Amin product.

The Irregular line :

The irregular line characterizes hand made work. This is evident in the surrounding nature; the handwork of almighty God. Looking at the trees’ height, the steep curves of the rocks, the zigzag of the mountains, the spontaneous ocean waves, you will come to appreciate the beauty of irregular lines. Even our earth is not a regular globe.

The irregular line’s liveliness, strength and spontaneity is the core secret of success for every sincere genuine example of visual art, a reason why we find the children’s work and handcrafts of people from primitive areas to be charming. These pieces remain youthful for they impede with life and become a rich inspiration for more art to come.

As for the raw material, these are eternal friends with nature deriving beauty and strength from God, the creator. Sami Amin hand made designs in brass and leather reformulate all these deep artistic meanings that have been deep inside mankind since the early days of creation.

The Production process :

All Sami Amin products are manufactured in his own factory under his own supervision with the hands of his team trained by him personally. The leathers are colored, treated, stitched and stamped by hand. The products undergo a very strict quality control program to ensure durability. For a piece to come to life, it undergoes a long journey of work and involves a lot of steps to reach the perfection you see. An idea is simply translated into sketches, then after various trials comes a prototype which is later the seed of a big production phase. As for the accessories, after sketching, Sami Amin sculptures the pieces, makes the prototypes which are then covered by finest brass material only to become an inevitable element of the overall design and fit into a the story behind each piece. Also the Motives printed on the leather are always in-line with the theme and the designed brass accessories which collectively add to the pieces' charm.

Every Year Sami works on one collection where a lot of research and data collection happens so the team is well versed with the topic and goes through all the possible inspirations that can act like Sami's mood board. Sami Amin along with his team works almost for 6 to 8 months on the new collection's preparation. Each piece undergoes a lot of tests to ensure durability, and flexibility. Products are being tested to make sure it not looks good but is also user friendly and practical. Once a product proves successful, it starts to be produced on a large span in the factory.



Sami Amin authentic products are all made from raw natural materials which mostly include but not confined to genuine leathers and brass.

This is mostly used for handbags and accessories while other materials like wood and cotton fabrics are utilized more for home and office accessories. Sami Amin chose these materials because he appreciates the charm of raw materials as it gives more durability for the product and adds a lot to its beauty, the more raw materials ages the more authentic and precious it feels.