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The Pharaonic Collection for year 2020 is a direct expression of our Egyptian civilization which is deeply embedded in the human history, The pharaonic spirit has appeared in all our designs and it painted the features and characteristics of Sami Amin brand since our appearance 30 years ago, and it was a great challenge for any designer to emulate the pharaonic designs with their perfection, Mastering and dazzling diversity, so our choice was for a small part of the myth of Isis, Osiris, and Horus, because of the similarity between them and what is happening now in the New Year celebrations in which we decorate the trees with gifts and wishes, which was happening in the ancient edges of the temples of Osiris, and we re-formulated these meanings in contemporary designs in form and use. We have used the tree of life or the Osiris tree, which Isis returned Osiris disguised in it, after his brother Seth killed him in a machination, the tree from which life sprang appeared in the suitcases covers and ornaments with the plant leaves from leather and copper, and the wings of Horus the protector moving dramatically varied of copper, plain leather and embossed leather to express containment and dominance around the neck in the form of a necklace or around the wrist in the form of a bangle, while the pharaonic star expresses the Sky and Nile, the spring of life. Each motif is hand-carved in wax and cast in brass with the traditional crafting methods. The leather used is selected from the finest Egyptian leather and tanned with special specifications to fit the pattern and dyed in the same colors spread in the Pharaonic inscriptions, and fabricated by the hands of skilled workers. The colors of the leather varied from turquoise blue, red, black, reddish brown, Camel and beige, and we used copper metal with its oxidized yellow color or silver plated.


Pharaonic collection 2020

Designs inspired by Egyptian civilization


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