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Sami Amin Collaborates with Aiisha Ramadan in Alta Roma Fashion Week "July 2017"

Aiisha Ramadan, the epitome of modern design with beautifully crafted garments is about to showcase her latest collection Resort 2018, L’Azur, consisting of 34 looks presented at the Alta Roma Fashion Week in Rome on the 8th of July. Everything about this collection is unique and that is why we are very pleased to have collaborated with her on it. The collection is driven mostly from her deep belief in the positive and magical powers of the sea. Besides the dreamy dresses that will be presented on the runway, AIISHA is launching new divisions expanding to a new segment of clientele and one of which was choosing to Collaborate with Sami Amin to make her some very artistic personalized brass bags. AIISHA is a fan herself of Sami Amin work and has fell in love with the brand a year back. The bags Sami prepared for AIISHA are customized for her L'Azur collection and is the outcome of a unique collaboration of the two designers having the spirit and the touch of Sami Amin in each and every detail coupled with the perfect finish and beautiful handwork. The bags are very new to Sami Amin school of thought since it is the first time for him to introduce pearls, crystals and beads in his work. Also the designs themselves are signature designs that would act as an elegant piece of accessory to complement the beauty of an evening gown or add some sophistication to a smart casual outfit. Stay tuned and WISH us luck...


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