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The irregular line characterizes hand made work. This is evident in the surrounding nature; the handwork of almighty God. Looking at the trees’ height, the steep curves of the rocks, the zigzag of the mountains, the spontaneous ocean waves, you will come to appreciate the beauty of irregular lines. Even our earth is not a regular globe.

The irregular line’s liveliness, strength and spontaneity is the core secret of success for every sincere genuine example of visual art, a reason why we find the children’s work and handcrafts of people from primitive areas to be charming. These pieces remain youthful for they impede with life and become a rich inspiration for more art to come.

As for the raw material, these are eternal friends with nature deriving beauty and strength from God, the creator. Sami Amin hand made designs in brass and leather reformulate all these deep artistic meanings that have been deep inside mankind since the early days of creation.