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We Launching our first Exclusive Collection for 2018

For the new designs of the innovated Collection, we adopted an entirely new line rather than the previous designs of Sami Amin. We have introduced a new streak of Evening Bags and Accessories with their distinctive design and richness in fine details using the Oxidized Brass with Colored Crystal Jewels which added the luxurious and Amazing Appearance to the Evening Bags. We reputed a real challenge by mixing the smoothness and the elegance of evening designs; keeping the distinctive authentic and rough lines, consuming the natural materials. We succeeded in integrating the contrast between the Crystal Jewels through their illumination laterally with the Refined Touch of the Oxidized Brass enhancing the unique character and spirit of faithful designs of Sami Amin. This was manifested in treating the Oxidized Brass and the use of the motif elements like the Triangle and the Semicircle shapes in repetition and distribution; reminding us of the paintings and shades of the Pharaonic Temples in the Christian and Islamic Civilizations in the Egyptian History.


Toys Collection 2018

Toys inspired designs by Sami Amin


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